KathrynLouise Aspden (Louisa)

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KathrynLouise Aspden (Louisa)
AEDP Level
Level II AEDP Training
Eastbourne UK
Zip/Postal Code
BN22 8NT
City 2
State 2
East Sussex
Zip Code 2
BN22 8NT
United Kingdom
Website 2

Many people come to therapy because they reach a difficult point in their lives. This could be a sudden crisis or an ongoing issue. Reaching such a place can shake our very foundations. But by facing our areas of deepest difficulty with a caring, supportive other, we can not only heal, but thrive. We can become our true and best selves.

As an experienced Person Centred counsellor (over 20 years) with Senior Accreditation (BACP), I offer warmth, safety and sensitivity. I also specialise in using creative approaches for those who are drawn to this way of working. For example - art, music, sand tray, drama, movement, play or creative writing may be used to work with deep issues such as loss, trauma, and other experiences which are beyond words.

Additionally, I have specialist training in the area of trauma and anxiety. Using 'common sense' methods taught by Babette Rothschild I help individuals to gain control over the physiological elements of trauma to establish stability. This enables the reduction of debilitating symptoms such as flash backs, panic attacks and trauma- related illness. I have experience in working with developmental trauma (for those who had difficult beginnings). Recently I completed training in a well-researched approach (AEDP) which is body-based and grounded in neuroscience. AEDP is a powerful and compassionate way to help 'undo aloneness' and support clients to access the healing power of their emotions.

Creative Counselling
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British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy
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