Liebman, Sarah, MFT

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Liebman, Sarah, MFT
AEDP Level
Level II AEDP Training
(510) 292-7367
1035 San Pablo Ave, Suite 5
Zip/Postal Code
United States

I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Albany California. I have been practicing since 2004, and in the process of building my own family became intimately, and acutely aware of the internal psychological experience of infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, gamete donor selection, twin pregnancy, traumatic birth, post-partum depression, and now, parenting a non-binary gendered child. All of these experiences have informed and emboldened my long standing passion for parent support. I see infertility counseling as parent support because it arises from the desire to parent, and the pain and grief that results from it can affect the future relationship with the longed for child. Through my own experience of infertility and pregnancy loss, and loss of a genetic connection to my children I have built a high tolerance for the grief that results from the intrusive, though indispensable, experience of building a family with Assisted Reproductive Technology. I am a member of the ASRM Mental Health Practice Group, and Post Partum Support International. I work experientially (AEDP), informed by psychodynamic theory, and attachment research peppered with a strong dose of humor.

Sarah Liebman, MFT
Accepts Insurance
Accepted Insurance Plans
Aetna, Magellan, Optum, Blue Sheild (FEP), Blue Sheild of California, Cigna