Lovato, Laura

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Lovato, Laura
AEDP Level
Level I AEDP Training
739 Sherman Street, Suite 205
Zip/Postal Code
United States

Whether this is the first time you are seeking therapy, trying to find a better fit, or returning to deepen your work, searching for the right therapist can be challenging. The priority in any healing relationship is to find someone that understands you, genuinely cares about you, and has the wisdom to know how to support you.
Change is a messy process. It requires courage, honesty with self and others, and support from the people in our lives. Our pain, the cycles we get stuck in, and the sense of disconnection we feel are manifestations of the emotional and physical injuries of the past. What is maladaptive now came from the coping strategies that helped us survive then.
Therapy is a space to own our personal story, to find strength in the places we once thought were broken. It is a space to process your full experiences with new wisdom and perspective that serve your deeper purpose and true worthiness. This process is not easy, but it is not nearly as risky as giving up on yourself or remaining stuck. You are capable and worthy of connection, purpose, and happiness. My role is to help you connect with your true worth and values, rather than being defined by pain and fear.
I believe in being a human first, therapist second. I have been described by clients as transparent, genuine, and warm. I consider myself an “active” therapist, meaning that I check in frequently, share with patients, and offer specific strategies that are informed by current research to help you build new skills and understandings. You will never be left to guess what I am thinking and feeling-we are in this together. I genuinely love my job. My clients’ resilience and courage is inspiring and I am honored by their trust in me to be part of their brave process
I welcome the opportunity to speak with you further and answer the questions you have. Be picky about the therapist you choose-Talk to several potential therapists and remember to trust your gut. I look forward to talking with you during a free consultation.

Trauma and Anxiety Resolution
Institutional Affiliations
Denver Health Hospital and Authority; University of Colorado
Supervisor of Therapists in Training
Supervisor of Supervisors in Training
Accepts Insurance