Martos-Perry, Nora, PhD

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Martos-Perry, Nora, PhD
AEDP Level
Certified AEDP Therapist
P.O. Box 210
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Nora Martos-Perry, Ph.D. is a seasoned Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Berkeley and Livermore, where she sees individuals, couples and families. Described as warm, supportive, authentic, and straightforward, Nora greatly enjoys working closely with people of all ages dealing with a wide range of life challenges. She is known for her capacity to form strong therapeutic alliances and facilitate safe, genuine, and caring relationships essential to all growth and healing. Nora specializes in trauma, depression, grief and loss, and has in-depth specialized training in experiential and emotionally focused approaches for both individuals and couples. Over the past 25 years, she has worked in a wide variety of settings: she has served as a member of the clinical faculty at The Wright Institute, offered treatment to high conflict families in a public agency, treated hospitalized adolescents, worked with Students at U.C. Davis Counseling and Psychological Services, and conducted training for San Mateo County Social Services, McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute, and UC Berkeley Extension. All of her work has taught her to appreciate the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Born in Argentina, Nora is bi-cultural and bilingual in Spanish, and is skilled with issues related to identity, acculturation and cross-cultural relationships.

Institutional Affiliations
The Wright Institute, Berkeley, CA , Retired Professor.
Accepts Insurance