Thomas Perez, Shaquinta

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Thomas Perez, Shaquinta
AEDP Level
Level I AEDP Training
4067 Hardwick Street, #262
Zip/Postal Code
United States

I walk alongside individuals who traverse two journeys: the perinatal journey and the trauma-healing journey. Sometimes these two journeys are intertwined, and we work together to pull a part the threads that are constricting and restricting your ability to live fully.
Your body, mind and heart may be signaling it is time to seek help, and this is why you are here. Together, we can work through real fears, difficult emotions, and challenging situations. You do not have to shoulder the weight of it all on your own.
I work with the perinatal population which includes all parents, not only mothers. The perinatal period spans from conception to one year after birth. Some challenges new (or seasoned) parents face include postpartum depression, postpartum OCD, postpartum anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness. This sacred time is one of both transition and raw vulnerability. Working with a therapist who is both knowledgeable and experienced- someone who has walked a similar path- can make all the difference. I am honored to share in your healing.
Trauma work is another area that is dear to my heart. My passion for working with those facing attachment ruptures and histories of trauma originate from my previous experience working in Children and Family Services. This experience opened my eyes to all the faces of trauma, and provided a foundation of knowledge that I bring to my work today.
Sometimes my perinatal and trauma work merge. Many facing perinatal challenges have traumatic histories, and these histories are wanting to be uncovered and healed. It is important to repair our past trauma, eliminating unhealthy thoughts and behaviors before passing them down to our children.

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