Handouts for Immersion Online (“NYC”) August 2020

Meet your AEDP Faculty: HERE
Meet your AEDP Experiential AssistantsHERE
Daily Schedule: HERE

Courtesy of your presenters, Diana Fosha, PhD, Yuko Hanakawa, PhD, Jerry Lamagna, LCSW and Ben Medley, LCSW 

Added Sunday August 9th:
Something More “Something More than Interpretation”: HERE
How to be a Transformational Therapist: HERE
We highly recommend that you print these first 3 handouts:
1) Charts and Images: 12 pages: HERE
2) Cheat Sheet for AEDP Immersion Experiential Work throughout the week: 8 pages: HERE
3) Experiential Exercise for day 4: HERE Please print for day 4
Miscellaneous handouts:
Course Schedule: HERE
Gift from Diana about AEDP, 77 pages:HERE
PowerPoint Presentations:
Added August 7th:
Day 2 Diana Fosha PhD Final Presentation:

AEDP: Undoing Aloneness & the Transformation of Emotional Suffering into Flourisihing:

1 slide per page, 58 pages: HERE


3 slides per page, 20  pages: HERE
Added August 6th:  
Day 1 Diana Fosha PhD Final Presentation:
Facilitating Deep Transformational Change in AEDP
101 pages, 1 slide per page here
34 pages, 3 slides per page here
Days 1 – 5 Presenter Diana Fosha, PhD  
AEDP: Undoing Aloneness & the Transformation of  Emotional Suffering into Flourishing, 48 pages: HERE
Mechanisms of Change in AEDP, 22 pages: HERE
Transformative Processes in Psychotherapy, 26 pages: HERE 
Day 3 Guest Presenter Yuko Hanakawa, PhD: The Light Never Goes Out: Working with Severe Trauma and Serious Mental Illness in AEDP, 23 pages: HERE
Day 4 Guest Presenter Jerry Lamagna, LCSW: Working the “Top of the Triangle” in AEDP, 37 pages: HERE
Day 4 Guest Presenter Ben Medley, LCSWThe Lived Imagination: Working with Portrayals to Process Core Affective Experience and Undo Aloneness:  17 pages HERE