Immersion International June 2021 Experiential Assistant (EA) Application


The AEDP Institute is, as of 2021, asking those who wish to be Experiential Assistants to please apply.

As you consider applying, please keep in mind the Institute’s sincere goals for Assistants, participants and the larger AEDP community which include:

  1. To create a meaningful learning experience for the EA. Experiential Assistants repeatedly tell us that supporting and guiding less experienced AEDPers in the role of EA is one of the most effective and meaningful ways to build their skills and confidence in the practice of AEDP. And EAs are invited to sit in, free of charge, on any course in which they assist; with courses online it’s easier than ever to join in and get a refresher.
  2. To create a supportive, effective learning environment and experience for course participants who are newer to AEDP and often to experiential psychotherapy in general.
  3. To be reminded that AEDP is not only a therapeutic model but, when we are together in person or online, we are a community.

Prerequisites for Being an EA in this Immersion Course

To apply, you must have completed both AEDP Immersion and Essential Skills (ES1) plus either some supervision or some Advanced Skills.*

*If you have not completed these but you have been an EA (or shadowed as an EA in an Immersion) before, we may make an exception for you. Please indicate that you would like to be considered for an exception when you complete your application.

Striving for Diversity

Our goal is that each AEDP Institute sponsored course will have as diverse a group of EAs as possible. We strive to include:

  • Diversity in AEDP experience and Assisting experience: it’s important that we include new EAs, include EAs who have assisted just once or twice who want to continue to hone their skills, and include EAs who have assisted quite a bit who can support and mentor the newer assistants alongside faculty and Lead Assistants.
  • Diversity in social identities: languages spoken, countries lived in, age and gender identity, race, religion and ethnicity, sexuality, ability and more!

Apply Here

  • Please tell us the country where you work and are licensed.
  • The role of EA is for mental health care professionals in the field of psychotherapy or similar professions. Tell us what type of license you have - choose from below, or complete the "other" option
  • In addition to Immersion and Essential Skills (ES1), you should have completed some supervision OR core training OR Advanced Skills such that a supervisor or Advanced Skills EA would recommend you to be an Immersion EA Or, ask for an exception - and please explain. Thank you!
  • This course will include some participants who prefer to do experiential work in Swedish, in Hebrew and perhaps in other languages other than English. Please tell us about your proficiency in English and in other languages.
  • **This information will be used ONLY to enhance diversity among EAs in our couses. ** Please tell us whatever you want us to know about your social identities and, if you wish, the identities of the clients you serve.