Jenn Edlin, MFT, Senior Faculty Member AEDP Institute

A note from the AEDP Institute on the occasion of Jenn Edlin’s promotion to Sr. Faculty:

Jennifer “Jenn” Edlin, MFT, is gifted with left brain rigor and right brain intuition. We who know her are struck with the breadth and depth of her intellect, the bigness of her heart, her attunement and sensitivity, her remarkable capabilities in a multitude of areas, her huge capacity to integrate it all and translate it into effective action AND her passion for, commitment and devotion to AEDP. She can also step up, take responsibility and deliver on her commitments with speed, thoroughness, and quality.

In the years since she joined the AEDP Institute Faculty Jenn has been a Co-Director of the AEDP research project, working closely with Diana Fosha and Shigeru Iwakabe. More that 60 therapeutic dyads have completed the 16-session protocol, and the first of many papers presenting the results of that research has been submitted for publication. Jenn is also the lead supervisor of the AEDP Research walk-in clinic. An important member of the Bay Area AEDP community, Jenn has been teaching AEDP to Wright Institute graduate students, and leading a research collaboration between the AEDP Institute and the Wright Institute in Berkeley. Jenn is also doing work on developing AEDP theory and clinical interventions to use with dysregulated and underregulated clients, and has presented that work in 2019 in Boston, Portland and in the recent Denver Immersion course.

Last but not least, Jenn is a member of the duo — Jenn Edlin & Karen Kranz– who will teach the 1st ever AEDP Immersion course not taught by Diana Fosha. It takes place in Vancouver, BC in March, 2020.


Jenn’s professional biography:

Jennifer Edlin, MFT is a psychotherapist in private practice in Oakland, California. From the moment she attended her first AEDP Immersion Course, she was taken by AEDP and the permission to be authentic and to use the therapist’s whole self in service of clients’ healing and transformation. Jenn serves as the co-chair and faculty liaison of the AEDP Research committee. She has also helped to spearhead the launch of the Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness in Law at UC Berkeley Law.  Her clinical interests include treating relational trauma, mindfulness in the therapeutic dyad and building self-compassion.

Jenn received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, a JD/MBA degree from New York University and an MA in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has trained extensively in AEDP, including a year of core training and long term supervision with Dr. SueAnne Piliero as well as supervision with Dr. Eileen Russell and Dr. Fosha.

Jenn brings a natural warmth, ease and authenticity to her work with clients as well as to her supervision, teaching and other work in the AEDP community. She sees supervision as a powerful way to undo the aloneness we feel as therapists and enjoys meeting therapists wherever they are in their AEDP journey.

To learn more and to contact Jenn see her AEDP directory page here.

Visit the AEDP Research website here.