Practice only! Key Links & Handouts: Immersion | Jerry Lamagna, LCSW | June 7 – 10 + June 14 – 17, 2022

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Presented by Jerry Lamagna, LCSW and Guest Presenters Dina Miqdadi, DPsych & H. Jacquie Ye-Perman, PhD

Handouts Below

Meet your Presenters: here

Schedule: here

Roles for Experiential Exercises (please print): here

Affirmation Experiential: here

Experiential Exercises (please print): here

Intervention Cheat Sheet: here

Immersion 22 page Booklet: here

Microaggressions: Spotting them and repairing them here
Based on Kenneth Hardy’s presentation at Marin CAMFT October 23, 2021 as summarized by Karen
Pando Mars and amended by Jacqueline Lynch and Kate Halliday.

Presentations by Jerry Lamagna

Day 1: Introduction to AEDP: The Dyadic Repair of Attachment Trauma: Healing at the edge of Transformational Experience

1 slide per page, 56 pages: here

3 slides per page, 19 pages: here

Day 2: The AEDP Road Map / The Four States / Phenomenology of Transformation

1 slide per page, 28 pages: here

3 slides per page, 10 pages: here

Day 3: Attachment as a Transformative Experience

1 slide per page, 38 pages: here

3 slides per page, 13 pages: here

Day 4: The Triangle of Experience

1 slide per page, 31 pages: here

1 slide per page, 11 pages: here

Day 5: Positive Affective Experiences

1 slide per page, 34 pages: here

3 slides per page, 12 pages: here

Day 6: Working the Top of the Triangle in AEDP

1 slide per page, 31 pages: here

3 slides per page, 11 pages: here

Day 7: Portrayals:

1 slide per page, 9 pages: here

3 slides per page, 3 pages: here

Day 8: Bringing it all together: Therapeutic aims & activities of the 4 state Transformational Process

1 slide per page, 16 pages: here

3 slides per page, 6 pages: here

Guest Presenters:

Presentation by Dina Miqdadi, DPsych

Working with a Survivor of Domestic Violence in AEDP: 1 slide per page, 29 pages: here

Presentation by H. Jacquie Ye-Perman, PhD