Key Links & Handouts: AEDP Advanced Skills Modular Online with Karen Pando-Mars, MFT November 2022

Welcome to AEDP Advanced Skills Modular Online Course with Karen!

Whether you are a participant, experiential assistant, admin team member or faculty member for this course you will find this page to be a useful central resource for all links and handouts associated with the course.


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Presented by Karen Pando-Mars, MFT

Handouts & Presentation Slides

Meet your Presenter: here

Meet your Experiential Assistants: here

Schedule: here

First Day Orientation into Groups: here

Participants Roles for Experiential Exercises: here

Process Language for AEDP Essential Skills: here

Process Language Short Overview: here

The Seven Channels of Experience: here

Experiential Exercises day 2 (please print): here (updated 10/29/2022)

Experiential Exercises day 3 (please print): here (updated 10/29/2022)

Day 1 Presentation Slides: Befriending AEDP’s Triangle’s

1 slide per page, 76 pages: here; 3 slides per page, 26 pages: here (updated 10/29/2022)

Day 2 Presentation Slides: Befriending AEDP’s Triangle’s: Self-at-Best and Self-at-Worst

1 slide per page, 35 pages: here; 3 slides per page, 12 pages: here

Day 3 Presentation Slides: Befriending AEDP’s Triangle’s: The precipice of care: When receptivity is coupled with fear

1 slide per page, 42 pages: here; 3 slides per page, 14 pages: here

Recommended Readings:

Tailoring AEDP Interventions to Attachment Style: here

Goodie Bag:

Link to a song:

“You’re not Alone”. By Allison Russell with Brandi Carlile

Meditation: here

Poems: here

Befriending AEDP’s Triangles: 

1 slide per page, 17 pages: here

3 slides per page, 6 pages: here

Microaggressions: Spotting them and repairing them here
Based on Kenneth Hardy’s presentation at Marin CAMFT October 23, 2021 as summarized by Karen
Pando Mars and amended by Jacqueline Lynch and Kate Halliday.

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