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Key Links & Handouts: Essential Skills (ES1) Online 5 Modules | with Guest Presenters | June 2022- March 2023

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Module 1: Presented by Jeanne Newhouse, NCPsyA and Guest Presenter Kaori Stram, LMHC

Handouts & Presentation Slides

Meet your Presenters: here

Meet your Experiential Assistants: here

Letter from Jeanne: here

Schedule: here

Meditation for Coming Together: here

Experiential Exercises: Healing from the Get-go in AEDP (please print): here

Experiential Exercise #1 day 2 Getting Started (please print): here USE THIS ONE

Experiential Exercises: The Clinical Roadmap in AEDP (please print): here

Experiential Exercises #2 day 4 The Four States (please print): here USE THIS ONE

State Intervention Prompts – The Cheat Sheets: here

On the Lookout: Healing from the Get-Go | Undoing Aloneness | Co-Creating Safety: here

Day 1

Jeanne’s slide presentations:

Healing From the Get-Go: The Basic Skills of AEDP Deliberate Practice

1 slide per page, 76 pages: here

3 slides per page, 26 pages: here

Kaori’s slide presentation:

Healing From the Get-go in AEDP

1 slide per page, 14 pages: here

Kaori’s Transcript: Finding the Light in Self Through a Secure Relationship: here

Day 3

The Four State Model: A Travelogue

1 slide per page, 43 pages: here

3 slides per page, 15 pages: here

The Magnificent 9: here

Day 5 Monday

Shorthand version of Monday June 13th: here

Maladaptive and Adaptive Core Affect

4 slides per page, 14 pages: here

Maladaptive Core Affect: here

Transformational Processes

1 slide per page, 26 pages: here

3 slides per page, 9 pages: here

In a Nutshell What we do in AEDP: here

Therapist Evaluation Sheet: here

Jeanne’s Goodie Bag:

AEDP Songbook: here

Diana’s Magnificent 9: here

My Personal Four State Experience:

1 slide per page, 11 pages: here

4 slides per page, 3 pages: here

Self Disclosure In AEDP: here

ON THE LOOKOUT and LISTENING IN States, How Shall We Begin: here

ON THE LOOKOUT and LISTENING IN States 3 and 4: here

Microaggressions: Spotting them and repairing them here
Based on Kenneth Hardy’s presentation at Marin CAMFT October 23, 2021 as summarized by Karen
Pando Mars and amended by Jacqueline Lynch and Kate Halliday.

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