Key Links & Handouts: Essential Skills (ES1) Online 5 Modules | with Guest Presenters | March 2023 – November 2023

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Module 1: Presented by Richard Harrison, PhD

Handouts and Presentation Slides

Meet your Presenters: here

Meet your Experiential Assistants: here

Schedule: here

S.P.A.: SPACE handout:here

The Triangle of Experience: here 

The 4-State Transformational Process is AEDP: here

Experiential Exercise #1 day 2 (please print): here (updated 3/4/23)

Experiential Exercise #2 day 4 (please print): here (updated 3/5/23)

Healing From the Get-Go

1 slide per page, 63 pages: here

3 slides per page, 21 pages: here

The Clinical Roadmap & Experiential Language of AEDP

1 slide per page, 53 pages: here (updated 3/4/23)

3 slides per page, 18 pages: here (updated 3/5/23)

Microaggressions: Spotting them and repairing them here
Based on Kenneth Hardy’s presentation at Marin CAMFT October 23, 2021 as summarized by Karen
Pando Mars and amended by Jacqueline Lynch and Kate Halliday.

AEDP Psychotherapy: An Evidence-Supported Practice: here

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