Key Links & Handouts: Advanced Skills Module Kari Gleiser, PhD | December 13 – 14, 2020

Welcome to Advanced Skills Module Live Online!

Whether you are a participant, experiential assistant, interpreter, admin team member or faculty member for this course you will find this page to be a useful central resource for all links and handouts associated with the course.

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Meet your Presenter and Experiential Assistants:

  • Meet your AEDP Faculty/PresenterHERE
  • Meet your AEDP Experiential Assistants: HERE

Daily Agenda and Experiential Exercises:

  • Daily Schedule: HERE
  • Roles for Experiential Exercises: HERE
  • Experiential Exercises Day 1, please print in advance:HERE
  • Experiential Exercises Day 2, please print in advance:HERE

Day 1 & 2: Power Point Presentation

  • Navigating AEDP’s Experiential Relational Work in the Context of Trauma, Dissociation and Multiplicity: 3 slides per page, 13  pages: color: HERE, black and white: HERE
  • Working with Severe Dissociative Disorders: 3 slides per page, 5  pages: color: HERE, black and white: HERE
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