Key Links & Handouts: Immersion | Jerry Lamagna, LCSW | December 3 – 6 + December 10 -13, 2021

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Presented by Jerry Lamagna, LCSW and guest presenters

Handouts Below

Meet your Presenters: here

Schedule: here

Roles for Experiential Exercises (please print): here

Experiential Exercises (please print): here

Intervention Cheat Sheet: here

Immersion 22 page Booklet: here

Presentations by Jerry Lamagna

Day 1: Introduction to AEDP

1 slide per page, 57 pages: here

3 slides per page, 19 pages: here

Day 2: The Four States

1 slide per page, 24 pages: here

3 slides per page, 8 pages: here

Day 3: Affirm from the get go…

1 slide per page, 36 pages: here

3 slides per page, 12 pages: here

Day 4: The Triangle of Experience/Portrayals

1 slide per page, 26 pages: here

1 slide per page, 9 pages: here

Day 5: Thriving, Flourishing and Positive affect: Working with Transformation

1 slide per page, 32 pages: here

3 slides per page, 11 pages: here

Day 6: Working the Top of the Triangle in AEDP

1 slide per page, 28 pages: here

3 slides per page, 10 pages: here

Day 7: Portrayals:

1 slide per page, 11 pages: here

3 slides per page, 4 pages: here

Day 8: Bringing it all together: Therapeutic aims & activities of the 4 state Transformational Process

1 slide per page, 13 pages: here

3 slides per page, 5 pages: here