Key Links & Handouts: Immersion Online Africa/Italy | Diana Fosha | January 11 -14 + 18 – 21, 2021

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Whether you are a participant, experiential assistant, interpreter, admin team member or faculty member for this course you will find this page to be a useful central resource for all links and handouts associated with the course.

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Meet your AEDP Faculty/Presenters: English: here  Italian: qui

Agenda: here

Presentation by Diana Fosha, PhD AEDP: Undoing Aloneness & the Transformation of Emotional Suffering into Flourishing  

1a – English: here   Italian: qui 
1b – English: here   Italian: qui 
2 –   English: here   Italian: qui 
3 –   English: here   Italian: qui 
4 –   There is intentionally no day 4
5 –   English: here   Italian: qui
Additional Handout | Presentation Day 2: here 
Presentation by Guest Presenter Yuko Hanakawa, PhD
Meditation on Humanity, The Light Never Goes Out
1 slide per page, 24 pages: English: here  Italian: qui 
Presentation by Guest Presenter  Jerry Lamagna, LCSW 
Working the “Top of the Triangle” in AEDP
1 slide per page, 26 pages:English: here  Italian: qui 
Presentation by Ben Medley, LCSW
Riding the Wave: Processing Emotion to Completion with AEDP
1 slide per page, 29 pages: English: here  Italian: qui 
Handouts for Participants: ENGLISH | ITALIAN

Gift from Diana: English: here  Italian: qui

11 page into charts:  English: here  Italian: qui
Charts, please print in advance: English: here Italian: qui
Experiential Exercise Cheat Sheet: English: here  Italian: qui
Experiential Exercises, please print in advance: English: here  Italian: qui 
Therapeutic Aims and Activities Associated with the Transformational Process: here
4-States: here
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