Key Links & Handouts: Online Learning Live Webinar: Transforming Resistance | Steve Shapiro, PhD, | September, 2022 – June, 2023

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Presented by Steve Shapiro, PhD

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Handouts & Readings

5b) Transforming Resistance Fundamentals of Experiential DynamicTherapy (EDT) Series

1 slide per page, 75 pages: here

10b) Moment to Moment Tracking, Brief Version: 1 slide per page, 81 pages: here

20b) Defense Restructuring: 1 slide per page, 79 pages: here

25b) Defenses Against Connection: 1 slide per page, 31 pages: here

30b) Anxiety Regulation: 1 slide per page, 77 pages: here

40b) Facilitating Affect & Portrayals: 1 slide per page, 25 pages: here

45b) Keeping An Internal Experiential Focus: 1 slide per page, 62 pages: here

50b) Decision Trees and Clinical Maps: 1 slide per page, 54 pages: here

Positive Feelings and Heathly Longings: here

Person of the Therapist, Person of the Patient: here

It’s Not About You, Matching your clinical style with your clients needs’: here

Emotional Ladder: here

Maintaining an Intrapsychic Focus: here

Defense Clarification vs Defense Relinquishing: here

Why compassion is important in health care: here

Poem: Let a feeling crack you open: here

Recommended Readings: here