AEDP Training with Jerry Lamagna


Jerry Lamagna - Making Good Use of Suffering

Intra-Relational AEDP Work with Overwhelming Emotional Experience

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In this DVD training, Jerry Lamagna explores the challenges and opportunities of working with clients who struggle with affect regulation. Using video footage of actual sessions spanning a seven month course of treatment, He introduces viewers to AEDP’s moment-to-moment tracking of experience linked to the client’s past, to meaningful relational contact with the therapist and to the felt sense of change itself. In particular, Mr. Lamagna highlights the use of intra-relational techniques that activate affective change processes associated with moments of self-recognition, regulation, understanding and self-compassion.

Recorded during a one day seminar in the San Francisco bay area in February 2015, the five hour, three DVD set includes:

1) A 35 minute lecture on AEDP’s four state model of change, pathogenic affect and the use of Intra-relational techniques in working with overwhelming emotions
2) Nearly three hours of annotated, clinical video footage chronicling AEDP work with pathogenic affect, core affect, transformational affect and core state. The video material includes lengthy segments of six sessions with a single client over a seven month course of treatment.
3) Four question and answer segments filmed during the San Francisco seminar
4) A complete set of color powerpoint slides from the seminar
5) A companion paper to be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Transformance that provides more theoretical depth to the ideas presented in the workshop.
6) The potential for earning 6 continuing education credits for $20 through R Cassidy (CEUs awarded upon passing of accompanying test). [The application for obtaining these hours is pending but should be finalized in the coming weeks). CE are for Social workers, MFT’s and Psychologists nationally and for social workers in NY and NJ with the exception of CE for MFT’s in Massachusetts and Minnesota and all counselors in Alabama, Arkansas, louisiana, Oklahoma and West Virginia] .

Together, the materials provided offer an excellent resource for the study of AEDP’s four state transformational model, Intra-relational AEDP and related therapeutic interventions. The DVD illustrates AEDP’s potential for rapidly relieving psychological suffering and promoting more optimal mental functioning.

“I have nothing to say except how terrific it is . . . I learned so much from the videos and I think it is inspiring, clear, educational and all around fantastic work.” Hilary Jacobs Hendel, AEDP Certified Supervisor

“I’m already beginning to feel Jerry’s influence on my way of being with patients. Those moments of his sitting with his hands over his heart have helped me relax and just feel and express from that place. That and Jerry’s readiness to give his feelings and words when he senses his patient is in a transformance moment. He was so alert to such moments of self-righting where expansion of their usual self is starting to occur. Jerry comes forward strongly just then to acknowledge and praise them for risking that. I know the above is so basic for him, but giving others an opportunity to witness it at length makes for a powerful impression.”  Dr. Michael Geis, Santa Barbara, CA

“This is a really lovely and moving presentation — clearly illustrative of the work of AEDP. I learned from watching and felt Jerry’s presence with me afterwards as I sat with clients. I give it a big thumbs up!”  Dr. Ron Frederick, AEDP Senior Faculty; Author of “Living like you mean it”

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Continuing Education Units

  • 6 CE units for $20 through R. Cassidy Seminars
  • CE for Social Workers, MFTs and Psychologists are available nationally with the exception of CE for MFTs in MA, MN and all counselors in AL, AR, LA, OK and WV
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