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Core Training – Jeanne Newhouse – New York 2019

Please read about AEDP Core Training, including our prerequisites, here

This is a note from AEDP Faculty member Jeanne Newhouse, NCPsyA describing Core Training in general as well as her special approach to Core Training:

I am happy to announce that in March of 2019, I will start a new small (6-person) Core Training to be held at my office on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I have found after doing this for a number of years that an intimate 6-person group is a wonderful way to learn. As a small group, we can more easily establish a sense of safety and collaboration. Being in someone’s office with them, meeting their patients, hearing, seeing, sensing their care, kindness, intelligence and skill is a learning experience like no other.

Core Training’s goal of watching clinical session video together is to sharpen our skills and strengthen our muscles as clinicians. As moment-to-moment tracking is our guiding light in AEDP, this will be our focus. Weekend 1, we will begin supervision watching each new patient with no sound at all for about 2 minutes; listening intently with our eyes and our bodies. I have found this to be an invaluable tool in training myself to track and to notice. It allows me to deeply focus on my patient. We will then take time to share what we have felt and observed. A bonus for the presenting therapist comes in here as the emphasis is on not the therapist’s performance, but what is happening that is observable with the patient. This is a great warm-up and it is always interesting to see who we imagine the patients to be based just on this kind of observation.

Each weekend will have a theme with some didactic learning and video presentation by me prior to the individual supervision work. I use music and poetry liberally as a way of helping us broaden our own emotional repertoires, which in turn helps us become better at our work.

Working with a group of 6 allows me to share a write-up of the supervision after each weekend with each member of the group. This helps the participant’s work to stay with me and stay with them; each participant leaves the weekend knowing all that they have accomplished as well as what their growing AEDP edge is.

My own experience as a participant and leader in Core Training is that after I have shared my work in this way I have a posse of colleagues. They (perhaps you!) are with me during my sessions. That collective energy and wisdom has allowed me to feel less alone and more grounded in my work. I am honored and excited to begin this process again with a new group.

I ask potential participants to complete an application (downloadable, below). Send it to me as soon as you can so I can review and get back to you to arrange for phone conversation. Core Training is just one of many way to continue your training in AEDP and the application and phone call will help us determine whether or not this is a right next step for you. Once you are accepted, the Institute will arrange for registration and payment.

Course Dates:

Weekend 1: September 14 – 15, 2019
Weekend 2: October 26 – 27, 2019
Weekend 3: November 30 – December 1, 2019
Weekend 4: January 11 – 12, 2020
Weekend 5: February 29 – March 1, 2020

Training Location

Meet the Trainer:

Jeanne Newhouse, NCPsyA

Jeanne NewhouseJeanne Newhouse, NCPsyA, is a licensed psychoanalyst who has been in private practice in New York City since 1988. Jeanne began the practice of helping and healing from a body-based model.

She is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. She created a movement therapy program for the Smithers Institute, a residential treatment facility for substance abuse in New York City where she worked for six years. During that time she completed a master's degree in Motor Learning at Teachers College in New York City. As Jeanne worked with patients with chronic, physical pain, she recognized that healing the heart and soul was an integral part of healing the physical body. Hoping to put the two modalities together, she began a four-year training program at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy from which she graduated in 1988.

Jeanne was introduced to the work of Dr. Diana Fosha in 2005, who seemed in her work to be touching her patients without putting her hands on them, combining the wisdom of the body with the intelligence of the mind. She took Immersion 2006 and then 3-plus years of Core Training with Dr. Eileen Russell and 3 years of supervision with Natasha Prenn, LCSW.

In 2015 Jeanne became a Faculty member of the AEDP Institute. She has been part of the Essential Skills (ES1) courses since their inception and has "helmed" ES1 in North Carolina, New York, & Online.

Jeanne has recently added integrative Hypnosis to her knowledge / skill base as well as having completed the first stage of training at the Center for Mind Body Medicine in Maryland with Dr. Jim Gordan.

Jeanne's current interests run from creativity and imagination's role in therapy to the musicality of therapy and intentional language as well as the idea of deliberate practice where good therapy is not an accident.

Jeanne has a clinical practice in New York City and is also available for individual and group supervision.

Maximum Participants: 10

$3,200 Single Payment
$3,250 Payment Plan ($200 deposit required at registration), non-members

A one-year financial commitment is required. View our cancellation/refund policy.

Application and Registration Process:
Step 1: Please download (below) and complete your application – send it to Jeanne Newhouse, NCPsyA as indicated on the form
Step 2: Jeanne Newhouse will review your application and be in touch with next steps
Step 3: If your application is accepted, Jeanne Newhouse will let you and the Institute know and the Institute will email you regarding registration and payment

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Continuing Education Credits

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