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AEDP for Couples – From Stuckness and Reactivity to the Felt Experience of Love

Transformance Talk based on Transformance:
The AEDP Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1

by David Mars, MFT, PhD

Join David Mars and members of the AEDP community in this new Transformance Talk to learn about this important article and have a chance to participate in a Q&A. 

From the Abstract to Mars’s Transformance Journal article, AEDP for Couples – From Stuckness and Reactivity to the Felt Experience of Love:

This paper offers a highly condensed description of the theory and practice of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for Couples (AEDPfC) .  It describes and demonstrates a somatically focused orientation of tracking the intersubjective field phenomena of both members of the couple. The paper further describes how AEDP for Couples brings explicit awareness to the felt experience of love between the couple members, beginning in the first session, in order to set a safe container for the transformative work to follow…. In AEDP for Couples, safety must be established first between the therapist and each of the members of the couple. When this safety then extends between the couple members in the intersubjective field that is cultivated within sessions, the transformative states AEDP fosters become available for the couple to hold, experience and share…

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Meet the Presenter

David Mars, M.F.T., Ph.D.

davidmars-copyDavid Mars, Ph.D. is the developer of AEDP For Couples. He has specialized in the somatically focused treatment of couples and groups for four decades, as an innovator in developing process-oriented, somatically, and empathically focused couple treatment. David has trained, supervised and consulted with Dr. Diana Fosha, the originator of AEDP since 2005.

David develops and presents training seminars and workshops nationally and internationally that focus on the AEDP for Couples model.  He is the lead supervisor of the AEDP for Couples Core Training.  He teaches at AEDP Immersion Courses, the Essential Skills Program and leads two ongoing AEDP for Couples supervision groups.  He is one of the founders of AEDP West. David is also on the adjunct faculty of the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco where he infused AEDP into his teaching of courses on the Clinical Relationship.

David’s style as a presenter is described as inspiring, warm and deeply personable.   He quickly evokes trust from his audiences, which ushers in a deep level of transparent exchange of ideas and points of view about how therapists can more effectively treat the historical trauma and deprivation that underlies marital dysfunction.  Perhaps most importantly, participants are moved to apply what they learn in these training programs, due to the depth of experience they take in while witnessing videos, live demonstrations and engaging in experiential practices.