Editor’s Letter

By Kari Gleiser and Natasha Prenn

We would like to extend to all of you a warm and enthusiastic welcome to the inaugural issue of Transformance: The AEDP Journal! We are thrilled and honored to be at the helm of this launching, as it marks a momentous quantum leap forward for our community.

On the eve of our first publication, we have been reflecting on what it means for us (and by “us” we mean all of you out there reading this!) to lay claim to our very own journal. Transformance marks a symbolic moment of growth of our community, not only in size, but in maturity and depth as well.

This journal offers space to showcase well-crafted musings, newly sprouting theories — representing the very edges of new growth, as well as to reinforce and feel the groundedness of our roots in a shared knowledge base, so that we may grow as trees do — at once expansively and exuberantly upward, as well as deepening and securing in the ground. While our listserv has been a fount of spontaneous outpouring of reflective, day-to-day happenings and contemplations, this journal provides a more seasoned forum to nurture even deeper and more integrative thinking. Writing a full-length article means living with ideas for months at a time, fermenting like old wine in an oak barrel, to produce a new kind of richness, clarity and fullness. Finally, true to the nature of its name, Transformance was an inevitable emergence, a springing up of unstoppable growth. The time was right; it had to happen and it did.

And here we are.

As with any prodigious undertaking, the final product only emerges as a result of a collective and sustained effort. We would like to recognize and deeply appreciate the countless hours of collaborative work of several individuals in the inception, shaping, and refining of this journal. Danny Yeung and Kai MacDonald joined us at the outset as assistant editors and comprised the committee dedicated to articulating the format and details of this journal. Much gratitude to Diana Fosha for her unfailing guidance, support and feedback during the past year. We would also like to thank each of our authors, Diana Fosha, Natasha Prenn, Danny Yeung, Kai MacDonald, and Gil Tunnell for their contributions to make this a veritable feast for the intellect. Finally we would like to thank the patients past, present and future, who allow these intimate and sacred moments of therapy to be shared with a wider audience so that healing processes continue to ripple out into the world.

We wish you hours of pleasurable and stimulating reading; breakthrough moments in your clinical work inspired by these articles; and, hopefully, the irresistible urge to write and submit an article of your own in the near future!


Kari Gleiser & Natasha Prenn, Editors