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Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy is a comprehensive, integrative theoretical and clinical model. It is rigorous, unique, and effective. To be eligible for AEDP Certification, clinicians must demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical model and proficiency in applying AEDP interventions to diverse clinical populations, and an overall commitment to the AEDP mission, ethos and values. You can apply for certification at the recommendation of your AEDP faculty supervisor.

What Do the Training Levels and AEDP Certification Mean?

A therapist’s AEDP Level as listed in our directory, indicates that they’ve completed the training, supervision and/or certification review as described here:

AEDP Level Definitions

The following AEDP Level descriptions apply to the vast majority of AEDP therapists. Exceptions are occasionally made for therapists with exceptional training experiences.

Level 1 AEDP therapists have completed one major AEDP training: Immersion. Important note: As of 2021, Immersion is a prerequisite to ES1.

Level 2 AEDP therapists have completed two major AEDP ‘trainings:’ Immersion PLUS either Essential Skills (ES1) or a Supervision Option: Core Training or 30 hours Small Group Supervision** or 20 hours Individual Supervision.

Level 3 AEDP therapists have completed Immersion AND one Supervision Option: Core Training or 30 hours Small Group Supervision** or 20 hours Individual Supervision, PLUS any 2 of the following:
– Essential Skills (ES1),
– Advanced Skills (ES2),
– Core Training,
– 30 hours Small Group Supervision**,
– 20 hours Individual Supervision

** Small Group is defined as:
-up to 4 participants
-minimum of 30 hours for certification
-each person presents minimum of 15 hours of client video
-no less than 10 hours per supervisor
-frequency to be determined by supervisor
** Large Group Supervision:
-5-12 participants
-person presenting will receive 1 hour of credit towards certification 
-both candidate and supervisor are to keep record: supervisor/date of video presentation


Certified AEDP Therapists are licensed (or equivalent) clinicians who have completed Level 3 and the AEDP Certification process.

Certified AEDP Therapist & Supervisor: an AEDP Certified Therapist who has completed an additional review process to become a Certified AEDP Supervisor.

AEDP Certification Requirements

We are here to support every candidate in reaching their goal of excelling as an AEDP therapist and we recognize that individuals learn at different paces, begin training in AEDP with diverse skill sets, and have a variety of previous clinical experiences. The Immersion course and Individual Supervision are the foundational requirements for Certification. The rest of your training and supervision depends on what best meets your needs. We strongly encourage you to discuss your path to Certification with an AEDP Certified Supervisor.

In addition to completing the prerequisite training and supervision, the following are required when you apply for AEDP Certification:

  • State licensure or certification in your discipline – copy to be submitted with certification materials.
  • Achievement of Level 3 AEDP Training (see Training Levels). One can complete Level 3 without individual supervision. However, for completion of certification requirements a minimum of 10 hours of individual supervision is required with AEDP faculty or Certified Supervisor.
    • Please note: for certification purposes, you must have been supervised by at least two supervisors with no less than 10 hours with any one supervisor, whether faculty or Certified Supervisor.
  • After achieving Level 3 AEDP Training, you will work with an AEDP faculty member or Certified Supervisor to confirm your readiness for Certification and to develop your materials for AEDP Certification submission: Two case reviews including videotaped material as well as transcript of each case and a micro-analysis of each videotape, annotating the AEDP principles and interventions applied in the clinical psychotherapy sessions.
  • Once your individual supervisor determines that you are proficient in AEDP therapy and that your submission is ready for review, your supervisor will submit a letter of reference on your behalf and you will submit your materials to where the certification materials will be forwarded to reviewers.

Please note: clinicians who have completed Level 3 training and wish to apply for AEDP Certification often require more than the minimum supervision described above to achieve proficiency.

When you are ready to proceed with your application for AEDP Certification, be sure to meet with your supervisor for specific details on materials to be submitted for review.


A Common Path to AEDP Certification (just one example!)

Step 1: Immersion

Step 2: Essential Skills (ES1) or a Supervision Option:Core Training Course (10 days or equivalent), 30 hours Small Group Supervision, or 20 hours Individual Supervision

Step 3: Advanced Skills (ES2) or a Supervision Option:Core Training Course (10 days or equivalent), 30 hours Small Group Supervision, or 20 hours Individual Supervision

Step 4: Minimum 20 hours Individual Supervision  

Step 5: Begin Final Stage of AEDP Certification Application Process.

Want to get Certified in AEDP? Get Connected!

Besides meeting the requirements and following the guidelines, we strongly encourage candidates to get involved in the AEDP Community. This participation will be taken into account in the overall assessment of a candidate’s application. Here’s how:

Become an Experiential Assistant

Attend Workshops, Seminars & Conferences (Live and Online!)

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