AEDP™ Institute Member Resources: Learn, Refer, Connect, Inspire

AEDP Clinical Discussion Listserv

This is the member benefit and resource you have been waiting for!

The purpose of the AEDP Clinical Discussion Listserv is to support and promote discussion, communication and learning about the theory and practice of the AEDP model of psychotherapy among Members of the AEDP Institute. 

To Join the Listserv, please become an AEDP member.

On the Listserv you can participate by posting or reading about case studies, or clinical or theoretical insights, and challenging client situations and more. This new Listserv presents a great opportunity to bring our worldwide community of AEDP practitioners together into one conversation for learning, sharing and supporting in many ways.

AEDP Bulletin Board

The AEDP Bulletin Board is a great way for members to share AEDP news, resources, recommendations, AEDP related events and more.

To post something on the Bulletin Board members can simply send an email with your exact post to

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Transformance Talks for Members Only

Transformance Talks are Webinars, presented by Transformance Journal authors. Members participate live (or watch recordings) of Transformance Talks for free. 

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Upcoming Live, Online Transformance Talks – Coming soon!

AEDP Referral Network

The AEDP Referral Network makes it easy for members to notify their fellows in the AEDP worldwide membership of clients looking for an AEDP therapist. 

• Members are automatically enrolled into the google group

• To post a referral, simply email– with the location of the referral somewhere in the subject line.

• Members backchannel the poster to find out more about the referral and get connected.

See posting guidelines here

Savings on AEDP Training

All AEDP Paid Members receive a discount on registration for both the AEDP Essential Skills and Advanced Skills courses, as well as discounts on almost all AEDP trainings, workshops, On Demand Trainings and products.

Listing in the AEDP Therapist Directory

The AEDP directory is an invaluable resource for anyone – including your fellow therapists – seeking an AEDP therapist in the United States, Canada and other places around the world. As a Full Member of the Institute, you can customize your listing with highlights of your work and experience with AEDP, and make it easily searchable by anyone looking for an AEDP therapist in your area.

Books, Articles & Publications Recommended by AEDP Institute and AEDP Therapists

Go here to access this extensive list that has been gathered over the years (approximately 2012 – present).
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