Referral Network Posting Guidelines

Hello AEDP Members! Welcome to the Referral Network.

Share your referrals with over 1,000 AEDP therapists worldwide with one easy post on the AEDP Referral Network. The AEDP admin team will review all posts daily, accepting all that conform with Referral Network requirements.

Members can quickly scan and click* the referrals that are relevant to them.

Here is everything you need to know!

1) Always Start your post with the GEOGRAPHY in the subject line

  • Examples of good, accepted subject lines:
    • Colorado, US or Online | Female, Cigna only | English
    • San Diego, US, Japanese speaker
    • Montreal, CANADA | Male, BIPOC, preferably Black, French
    • Sydney, AU or Online, Psychiatrist | English
    • New York City, US, AEDP or other therapist, English
  • Why?
    • A consistent member request is to make this referral network more scannable.

2) Email your referral posts to

3) Signature, with Geographical Information: At the close of your post please identify yourself:

  • first and last name
  • city, state/province, and country if in North America; city & country if outside of North America.

A Few Things to Note…

  • This is not a listserv. Posts about anything other than client referrals will not be posted, they will be returned to sender.
  • Be mindful that our members reside worldwide and that while the network is in English, both our clients and our colleagues speak many languages. Please consider including language in your subject line.
  • Respect Client Confidentiality and Minimize Discrimination. Unless a client specifically wants the information to be revealed in your referral, do not include age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, clinical issues, etc.
  • Respond to Referrals by Replying to Sender directly

Thank you!