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Reaching for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the AEDP Institute

In Solidarity. Black Lives Matter. Read our June, 2020 Letter

Our Mission

The AEDP Institute welcomes diversity in all of its many forms including race/ethnicity, sexuality, gender, age, size, ability, socioeconomic status, relationship status, and religion. Likewise, we are intent on continuously becoming more and more diverse, equitable and inclusive as an organization and community. We aim to reach our goal of being a learning community and theoretical home for all people in a way that is consistent with our core values of undoing aloneness and creating and maintaining safety and connection, and seeking to create conditions that are conducive to eventual flourishing.

In response to a growing awareness of how institutional oppression affects organizations, the AEDP Institute gathered community members to help guide a corrective, reparative and hopefully creative course of action. As a result, the Committee for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) was created to help oversee the Institute’s efforts and create initiatives to help us achieve our goals. This committee currently consists of several AEDP faculty and staff members: Yuko Hanakawa, Lynne Hartwell, Karen Kranz, Jerry Lamagna, Ben Medley and Karen Pando-Mars.

To contact the committee, please email

Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As a committee, we are developing programs and initiatives that involve and draw from the many resources and voices in our community. Already, we work together with the Diversity Scholarship Committee (see below) and plan to create other subcommittees.

We will keep the AEDP community informed of these changes and developments as we evolve, in addition to updating the resources of this page.

Pay-What-You-Wish Program for Self-Identified Black Mental Health Professionals

On July 1, 2020 the Institute launched a ‘pay-what-you-wish’ pilot program for self-identified Black mental health professionals. Learn about this program here.

Diversity Scholarship Program

In 2017-18 the Institute started a Diversity Scholarship Program for Immersion, Essential Skills courses and Institute sponsored seminars. Thus far, this program has awarded many scholarships and has helped our courses become more diverse and inclusive. The Diversity Scholarship Committee (formerly known as the Diversity Committee) works in tandem with the Committee for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and is composed of members of our AEDP community, supervisors and faculty.

To apply for a scholarship for a particular course, please visit the course page and look for Diversity Scholarships just below the registration button.

Focus on Anti-Racism

One of the first initiatives of DE&I is aimed at undoing institutional racism. To achieve this goal, the committee, as well as members of the AEDP faculty, are training and consulting with the Racial Equity Institute (REI). The committee will be engaged with REI in a two-year process to create and implement new initiatives for racial equity.

To learn more about REI, click here.

Developments in the application of AEDP in the treatment of marginalized populations

AEDP recognizes the necessity of understanding how institutional, inter-relational and intra-relational oppression affects patients, and therapists, from marginalized communities (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, latinx, immigrants, etc.) As a result, we have begun incorporating a multicultural orientation into all Institute endeavours, including writing, teaching, and supervising.

Several articles and books have been written about working with multicultural populations. Please see our resources and publications page for more information or click here.