Agenda: AEDP’s TOP 10 H.I.T.S.

February 9, 2024

11:00 – 11:45

I: Opening Session

Welcome and Introduction (15 minutes)

Overview of the Agenda and Goals (15 minutes)

Breakout Dyads (15mins): [Sexual Orientation Awareness Exercise]

11:45 – 1:15    

Speaker 1: [Kate and Ben]

II:   Main Topic: Understanding hetrosexism and trauma        

a. Minority Stress Theory 

b. Systems of heterosexist oppression 

c. Intersectionality

d. video presentation [Ben]

1:15 – 1:30

III: Networking Opportunity Stretch Break 

1:30 – 3:00 

Speaker 2: [Kate and Ben]

IV:  Main Topic: AEDP, attachment, internal working models and heterosexism

a. Attachment and internal working model as affected by heterosexism

b. AEDP representational schema

c. Video Presentation [Kate]

3:00 – 3:30

V: Closing Session  

  1. Group Discussion, Sharing and Q&A (30 mins)

February 10, 2024

11:00 – 11:30 

I: Review of the Previous Day, Overview of the Agenda and Goals 

11:30 – 11:45

II: Breakout Dyads: [Reflection on younger self experience]

11:45 – 1:15    

Speaker 1: [Kate and Ben]

III:   Main Topic: Transforming the negative impact of heterosexism using AEDP

a. Evidence based interventions for working with heterosexist oppresssion

b. AEDP specific methods for alleviating symptoms and promoting resilience

c. Video [Kate]

1:15 – 1:30

IV: Networking Opportunity Stretch Break

1:30 – 3:00

Speaker 2: [Kate and Ben]

V. Internal Liberation

a. Techniques for optimizing corrective emotional and relational experiences

b. Updated internal working models, improved self-concept and new narratives of liberation

c. Developmental models of sexual identity across the life cycle

3:00 – 3:30 

VI: Closing Session (30 mins) 

  1. Summary of Key Takeaways
  2. Group discussion, sharing and q&a
  3. Announcements for Future Events
  4. Thank You and Closing Remarks