Group Email Purpose & Guidelines for AEDP’s Experiential Assistant Learning Community (EALC):

The purpose of the EALC group email is 3-fold: 

  • To give Experiential Assistants an opportunity to connect with peers around their EA experiences. Case studies from EA groups: things you love, what you’ve learned, what you struggle with. This is a forum to celebrate, give support, and share ideas, resources and practical advice about being an Experiential Assistant.
  • To explore AEDP clinical questions with fellow EAs. This group email provides an opportunity for discussion among an especially active group of AEDP community members who are Level 2, Level 3, Certified AEDP therapists and certified AEDP supervisors. REMEMBER: when you introduce clinical stories or questions from your practice, always make them 100% anonymous! Group emails are not private communications.
  • For the Institute to share EALC announcements; openings for EAs, EA trainings, changes and additions to EALC benefits and other EALC news.

How it Works

  • EALC members are automatically added to the group email. You will be notified that you’ve been added and then you can get started by simply sending your email to
  • The group is set up as a Google Group with digest delivery, i.e. members receive one email per day that includes all emails posted the prior day.
  • Members have easy access to all previous emails in a searchable archive.
  • Non-EALC members cannot email the group – their emails will be bounced.
  • You may unsubscribe at any time.

Pilot Guidelines: 

This is a pilot platform for AEDP Institute’s roughly 150 (and growing!) Experiential Assistants.
It is not a moderated group. The pilot relies on group conscience to carry out the guidelines as described here. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please email

1) Make your emails relevant to the group’s 3-fold purpose (above) and to its diverse, international membership.

2) Don’t use the group list to communicate with one or a handful of members. Those messages should be back channeled.

3) Create a welcoming environment for lots of voices. And if you find yourself posting much more than others are, consider taking some time off. 

4) Keep it safe, calm, inviting and focused on our profession. Follow the ethos of AEDP Institute; be curious, privilege the positive and try to undo each others’ aloneness.

We are living in challenging times; many of us can find ourselves a bit on edge and online communications can be easily misconstrued. Please honor this space by keeping the EALC group email a calm, curious, compassionate place to explore AEDP, ask questions and express oneself. If you are upset by a colleague’s email, please wait a day before responding, and then if you feel you must respond, please back channel them first.

5) Keep the EALC group email ad free! This group email is not meant for commercial purposes; please, no promoting your services or those of others – use the AEDP member bulletin board for that!

6) Keep the EALC group email referral free! Please use the Referral network – not this group email – for client referrals.

7) The EALC group email is not meant as a channel for contacting the Institute. The EALC group email list is not regularly monitored by admin (or faculty). Institute Administration is happy to receive and respond to your questions, proposals and concerns about Institute issues whenever you send them to

8) The tough stuff: AEDP Institute, in its sole discretion, has the right to remove someone’s access to the group email list and will do so when someone does not abide by the group guidelines; and, the Institute may eliminate this group email list entirely if it somehow becomes a forum that, in the Institute’s sole discretion, is unhealthy for the EALC (Experiential Assistant Learning Community) or for a subset of its members. 

We welcome feedback at any time on these guidelines and/or how the group is maintained.