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ES1 Retreat Style Course in Europe • Stockholm, Sweden & Parma, Italy – 2016/2017

Healing-oriented and attachment based, AEDP’s practice is radical in its translation of current neuroscience and developmental research into moment-to-moment clinical practice. Experiential in its relational work and in using in-depth emotional explorations, AEDP’s interventions are deeply rooted in the phenomenology and dynamics of the transformational process that emerge in environments where the individual feels safe and known. Intuitively resonant, AEDP has been called “deceptively simple.”

The AEDP Essential Skills course, aimed at clinical practitioners, will be practical. Our goal is to teach, in both left-brained and right-brained ways, AEDP skill sets, that are concrete and specific. Different skill sets will be introduced, explained, illustrated and practiced each module, so that participants will emerge with both an understanding & a felt sense of how to practice AEDP. The basic skill sets necessary to practice AEDP will be introduced each module, with theoretical foundations and faculty videotapes in the morning, and closely assisted, group experiential exercises in the afternoon.

This European AEDP Essential Skills (ES1) course will be offered in a format of three modules, of four days each. This format arose in response to requests over the years from people throughout out the world — for whom the five weekends of travel a year required by the standard AEDP ES course was just not feasible.  In response to popular demand, we now launch the 3 module format AEDP Essential Skills course in Europe (in Stockholm, Sweden; and Parma, Italy), the first ever in Europe.

Ron J. Frederick, PhD AEDP Institute Senior Faculty member, will be leading this course along with guest faculty (TBD) and a group of highly skilled assistants.

Course Date & Times:

Module 1: Transformance, Experiential Tracking, Attachment 
Stockholm, Sweden
May 19 – 22, 2016
9:00am – 5:00pm


  • Engaging Healing from the Get-Go: Transformance Detection; Affirmation & Delight
  • Moment-to-Moment Tracking: Working Directly with Moment-to-Moment Experience
  • Working Explicitly and Experientially with Attachment (part 1): Focus on here-and-now. Experiential Work with receptive affective experiences of feeling seen, loved, and known
  • Working Explicitly and Experientially with Attachment (part 2): Transforming the Internal Working Model

Module 2: Defenses, Anxiety, Emotion Processing
Parma, Italy
November 24 – 27, 2016
9:00am – 5:00pm


  • Top-of-the-Triangle Work in AEDP: Working with Anxiety and Defense (State 1 work: Part 1)
  • Resistance: Working with Anxiety and Defense (State 1 work: part 2)
  • Working with Emotion: Dyadic Affect Regulation, Portrayals (State 2 work: part 1)
  • Working with Emotion: Processing Emotional Experience to Completion (State 2 work: part 2)

Module 3: Metaprocessing: Working With Transformational Experience 
Parma, Italy
May 4 – 7, 2017
9:00am – 5:00pm


  • Metaprocessing: Working with Transformational Experience in AEDP (State 3 work: part 1)
  • The Transformational Spiral: Working with Positive Affective Experience (State 3 work: part 2)
  • Core state: Truth, Integration and Reflection. Making New Meaning (State 4 work)
  • Metaprocessing the AEDP ES1 Course Experience: Constructing our own coherent & cohesive narrative

Throughout this training, essential skills will be experientially explored and didactically demonstrated so that participants will develop both a (right brain mediated) felt sense as well as a (left brain mediated) understanding of them. The training will include didactic material, clinical videotapes of actual sessions, daily experiential exercises, and small and large group processing. A key component of the experiential practices is the opportunity to “try on” sets of interventions as a therapist and to receive them as a client. So, learning new skills can give rise to experiences of safety, attachment security, transformation, and related phenomena that occur with AEDP treatment. The concentrated time that participants spend together immersed in learning AEDP aims to foster a culture of trust and generosity that allows for risk-taking and a supportive environment that is uniquely suited for optimal learning.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Accurately moment-to-moment track and differentiate different aspects within the Triangle of Experience, including both verbal and somatic processes, to optimize attunement and accelerate the healing process
  • Understand how to utilize the therapeutic relationship both implicitly and explicitly to establish safety, undo aloneness and foster exploration that leads to transformational experiences
  • Understand various ways to regulate anxiety, bypass defenses and other inhibitory forces which block progress in therapy
  • Access core affective experiences
  • Utilize the healing potential of innate transformance strivings as a catalyst to maximize patient’s healing


Meet the Presenter

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Course Fee

  • €3,000


Course Locations

Module 1
Historiska Museet (The Swedish Historical Museum)
Narvavaegen 13-17

Modules 2 & 3
Schema Therapy Center Piazza
Badalocchio Sisto Rosa, 3/A
43126 Parma PR