Cammy Cheung, RSW

Cammy Cheung, RSW is an Adjunct Faculty of AEDP Institute and has been certified as AEDP therapist and supervisor. She is a registered social worker (RSW), certified counsellor and had worked in the Hong Kong social work field of  different services over 36 years. Currently, Cammy is in private practice as psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. She completed Immension Course by Dr. Danny Yeung in 2006 and received Advanced training by Dr. Diana Fosha 2015 in Hong Kong. Since 2014, She  began to teach AEDP core skills training and continuously provides group and individual supervision on level III. She has successfully guided several candidates to be certified  AEDP therapists .

Cammy specializes in treating clients  with mental health issues. She has devoted over 15 years to  conduct groups for depression clients by applying attachment based  AEDP and  rendered training  for group facilitators in Dance with Depression Association. Cammy taught Attachment Based  AEDP  in counselling and social work field both in Hong Kong and China. She provides case consultation and clinical supervision in several social work agencies in Hong Kong on AEDP particularly on drug addiction. Cammy is also a Certified Supervisor in  Hong Kong Professional Counsellors Association. She has published over 30 papers in book chapters, international journals and conferences. She was an assistant professor in City University of Hong Kong and lecturer in Monash University, Australia.
At present, she is actively working as a team with Wu Kwok Wing, Esther Poon and Judy Wong  for teaching and involved into  most of  the AEDP activities such as book club, case sharing organized by Mental Health Association and Hong Kong AEDP community.