Connie Rhodes

Affectionately known as the Peace Promoter, Connie is a graduate of the University of Chicago with a concentration in Behavioral Sciences and Psychology. While at the University of Chicago, she had the honor to complete advanced studies with experiential psychotherapy pioneer Dr. Eugene Gendlin. During her time with him she developed her client centered therapy approach and learned the art of focusing and imagery.

Connie is the founder and executive director of Restoration Incorporated, a premier faith-based human service agency. She is also the lead consultant for Culturally Competent Consulting, helping organizations with their diversity, equity and inclusion needs. Connie is a trailblazer in diversity equity and inclusion work. She uses a holistic approach that uses indigenous, cultural and spiritual healing practices to create communities that promote anti racism and belonging.

Connie has facilitated countless trainings spanning over 25 years. In addition to DEI, her expertise includes youth violence prevention and healing community trauma. Her vast experience in the social service arena includes her 16 years at BUILD Inc. where she worked in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods, and her work in Minneapolis helping young victims of gun violence.

Connie uses the AEDP modality to help bring healing and decrease aloneness for marginalized communities, such as in her role as a certified Circle Keeper. Connie has received awards from the Cook County Probation Department for her work with young women, the City of Minneapolis Local Public Health Hero Award with the Next Step team, and the 2017 Amy Aim Humanitarian Award from ILCC for her work impacting youth in our community. She is an advocate for restoring peace and hope in our communities via her strong faith in God.

The AEDP Institute has partnered with Connie and Culturally Competent Consulting  to support the Institute’s commitment to antiracism and further our initiatives in diversity, equity and inclusion.

“I love traveling, being in Nature, speaking Spanish, cooking, listening to music and poetry and engaging with loved ones.”