Eileen M. Russell, PhD

Eileen M. Russell, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and a founding faculty member of the AEDP Institute. She began studying and training in AEDP in 1996 with Drs. Diana Fosha and Jenna Osiason. Dr. Russell has been an adjunct faculty member at NYU
Medical/ Bellevue Hospital Center where she completed her internship training and later worked as a senior psychologist with individuals struggling with addiction and psychiatric diagnoses. She is currently also on the faculty of the National Institute of the Psychotherapies (NIP) Integrative Trauma Program. Her passion is AEDP, which she has taught to individuals and groups since 2004 nationally and internationally. She combines a warm and gentle clinical style with a probing and articulate interest in theory to bring out the depths of the AEDP approach.

In addition to her practice with patients and consultees, Eileen enjoys expanding clinical and theoretical ideas through writing. She published the second professional book on AEDP called, Restoring Resilience: Discovering your Clients’ Capacity for Healing (W.W. Norton & Co., June 2015). She co-authored a paper with Diana Fosha, entitled, “Transformational affects and core state in AEDP” (2008). More recently she has been exploring the centrality of the sense of agency to healing and change in a chapter in Undoing Aloneness and the Transformation of Suffering Into Flourishing (APA, 2021). In addition to AEDP, Dr. Russell is trained in EMDR and Focusing and has a deep interest in functional medicine and the delicate relationship between health and mental health. She has studied different contemplative approaches, practices meditation/prayer in her own life, and believes that developing a both/and mindset is critical to mental health and well-being. She is licensed and practices in New York and New Jersey.