Idit Ronen-Setter, MFT

Idit Ronen-Setter, MFT is a certified AEDP therapist and supervisor, working in Israel. Idit has received her MA and Family Therapy Certification from Tel Aviv University and has practiced therapy with individuals, couples and families, in Aluma Therapy Center and private practice, since 2006. She completed the certified studies of treatment of stress and trauma, at The Trauma Center (Boston, MA), directed by Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk (2013-2014).

Nowadays, Idit is teaching family therapy and AEDP through the Ministry of Social Services, and through the Israeli Association of Couples and Family Therapy. Since June 2018, Idit has been appointed the formal AEDP liaison for the Israeli community. In addition, since 2015 she is supervising a medical forum for couples and families in crisis. Her article (with Prof. Esther Cohen) was recently published at the Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy (2020), called “Becoming ‘teletherapeutic’: Harnessing Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for challenges of the Covid-19 era.”

Idit made her first encounter with AEDP during her training at The Trauma Center. Since then, feeling “positively hooked” with AEDP as a compass for psychotherapy in practice, she has traveled between Israel, the United States and Europe, in her quest for professional AEDP development. She is glad to have had the guidance of faculty members and senior faculty in enhancing her knowledge and expertise in AEDP. Alongside, she is profoundly learning from clients and supervisees who bring life into practice. With supervisees, she sees her role as part of a mutual quest towards grasping transformational healing processes, while promoting an affirmative sense of self within the therapist.