Ilene Yasemsky, LCSW

Ilene Yasemsky, LCSW. I first heard Diana present in Oakland in 2003.  I sat in an empty conference room for over an hour after her presentation ended, writing things I wanted to say to all my clients.  AEDP became my clinical home from that day on. 

Fast forward 17 years—post-immersions, 3 years of Core Training, assisting multiple times at ES1 and ES2, and hours of precious individual supervision—I am still a striving therapist and inspired student of AEDP, a model that continues to deepen and expand. 

AEDP has held me (and vice versa) in my private practice in Berkeley, where I see a combination of individuals, couples, and families, and in my role as the Clinical Director of an AEDP-informed acute adolescent psychiatric hospital in the east bay.  I love the concept of transformance, how it is always there to spur us to change for the better and, especially at this moment in time, I am betting every day on the good trouble transformance brings to the condition of our humanity. 

Being an experiential assistant is a chance for me to emulate and honor the teachers and supervisors I have had and to help make it safe and fun to learn this model I love.