James Santos

James Santos is a member of the AEDP DBEI committee. James Santos provides a passion and presence to promote diversity, belonging, equity and inclusion. James Santos has worked in many multicultural settings in downtown Lousiville, KY, and led trips internationally where he provided pastoral care and education, helping groups navigate new cultural and spiritual experiences.

James’s areas of competency and experience include being a practitioner, educator, and facilitator of diversity and inclusion in various contexts. In addition to his private practice work at Cornerstone Care, James serves as a corporate chaplain and life coach at Manna Inc. providing emotional and spiritual care.

“Originally born in the Philippines and raised in the panhandle of Florida, I love reading, writing, playing the piano, mountain biking, trail-running, drinking a good pour-over coffee, connecting with friends, playing cards with my 5 kiddos, and eating out with my beautiful wife, Terra.