Jessica Slatus, LCSW

Jessica Slatus, LCSW is a Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor in Colorado.  She is an integral part of the AEDP Rocky Mountains community and has presented locally on a number of topics within AEDP, including the AEDP therapist stance, working with anxiety and defenses, building receptive affective capacity, and metaprocessing.  More recently, she has focused on writing and teaching about working with eating disorders using AEDP, and has authored two publications on the topic: an article in Transformance, the AEDP journal, and a book chapter co-authored with Natasha Prenn in the book Trauma-Informed Approaches to Eating Disorders.Jessica received her Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College, her Masters in Social Work from New York University, and her post-graduate training in eating disorders at the Center for the Study of Anorexia & Bulimia (CSAB).  Jessica was a participant in the inaugural AEDP Essential Skills course in 2010 and has not looked back since! A native New Yorker, Jessica has had the privilege of training with, and being mentored by, a number of AEDP Senior Faculty, including Natasha Prenn, Ben Lipton, Eileen Russell, and (last but not least) Diana Fosha.  She has served as an experiential assistant at many Immersion, ES 1 and ES 2 courses over the years, and loves helping others learn and apply the model. In addition to her clinical practice, Jessica offers individual and group supervision in both her Boulder and Denver offices, as well as online.