Judy M.Y. Wong Reg. Psychol, MFT

Judy M.Y. Wong Reg. Psychol, MFT, is an adjunct faculty member of AEDP Institute, Certified AEDP Therapist, Supervisor, and Registered Psychologist. She obtained her post graduate psychology training and M Soc Sc in Marriage & Family Therapy from the Hong Kong University. She is also a Clinical Fellow of the AAMFT, Certified Mindfulness Teacher for Children, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a registered psychotherapist in private practice.

Judy first exposed to AEDP in 2005 when Dr Danny Yeung conducted an AEDP Immersion course in Hong Kong. Since then, she received supervision under Dr Yeung and Dr Victoria Cheung. In addition, she attended Dr Diana Fosha’s Immersion course and advanced training conducted in Hong Kong in 2010 & 2015 to further enhanced her development as an AEDP therapist. She was greatly impressed by the healing phenomenon demonstrated and the way of being as an AEDP therapist in the therapeutic process. Having a sense of homecoming, she is deeply convicted that this is what a psychotherapist should strive for. Since obtaining her AEDP therapist certification in 2013, she has involved in teaching and training AEDP in Hong Kong and central China. Her involvement has extended from assisting immersion course, conducting level 3 core skill training to group and individual clinical supervision working towards certification. She is greatly encouraged as she has been witnessing the development and flourishing of AEDP in Hong Kong in the past ten years.

Judy works with adults, couples and families in way that can access and unlock their inner capacities and resources through the AEDP transformational process. She adopts an integrative approach in her clinical work based on the attachment theory, affective theory, neuroscience and psychodynamic theory. In addition, with a strong background in somatic experiencing and mindfulness training, she strives to integrate body-based approach and mindfulness in AEDP. She has a special interest in adopting AEDP in people who suffer from complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression.