Magdalena Bluhme, LCSW

Magdalena Bluhme, LCSW is an AEDP Certified therapist and supervisor and  an active member of the AEDP community in Stockholm. She is a licensed psychotherapist and supervisor. She has a private practice in the center of Stockholm where she does psychotherapy and supervises groups and individuals. She also works online (Zoom).

Her focus is complex trauma, attachment difficulties and structural dissociation. Her first career was in childcare and teaching so working in the preverbal processes comes naturally and is extremely helpful when it comes to connecting and understanding the patient beyond words. She began studying AEDP back in 2013 after she met Diana Fosha in Paris. Magdalena Became a certified AEDP psychotherapist in 2017 and a certified AEDP supervisor in 2021.  

Magdalena has also a certification in Affect Phobia Therapy (Leigh McCullough), trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Pat Ogden), Polyvagal Informed psychotherapy (Deb Dana) and is currently learning neurofeedback (with Sebern Fisher as supervisor). 

Magdalena has assisted in Immersion with Diana Fosha in Stockholm, Essential skills with Ron Frederick in Stockholm and Parma. Where she presented her own clinical work. She has also assisted online on every level including advance skills modular (Kari Gleiser).