Malin Endrédi

Malin Endredi is a certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor. Her office is in Stockholm, Sweden and nowadays online too. Malin welcomes Swedish and English speaking clients and supervisees. Malin is a member of the AEDP Sweden Program Group and one of two hosts of the AEDP Salon Stockholm/Sweden. She was a copresenter in the institute-sponsored seminar, “Transformational Synergies in AEDP, Spirituality and Psychedelics” in July, 2022.

Malin started her professional life as a clinical psychologist working with distressed parents and their dysregulated babies to help create secure attachment. After 17 years she took a Swedish attachment, relational and emotion focused psychotherapist training. That’s where Malin, through an APA video, first encountered Diana’s ways of working and AEDP and it all clicked.

She became devoted and crossed the Atlantic many times to attend trainings and assisting internationally and in Sweden. Malin is in supervision with Kari Gleiser since many years.  This all has been an ongoing journey of learning and growing both professionally and personally. The journey continues in the contact with clients, now working to build secure attachment for the dysregulated child inside of the grownup client.

The aim to create safety runs through all contacts with clients, supervisees and when assisting as an EA or LA. Malin thrives on seeing people grow and flourish. She holds a warm gratitude for all the deep relational contacts all over the world the AEDP community has provided.