Marc Cecil, PhD

Marc Cecil, PhD is a Licensed Psychologist with over 35 years of experience in a variety of clinical and community settings, currently in private practice in Rutland, Vermont. Marc has immersed himself in AEDP since 2012 and has done extensive training and supervision with SueAnne Piliero, having assisted for her many times in Essential Skills, recently as a Lead Assistant. He has also been privileged to work with Ron Frederick over the years in group and individual supervision.

Marc has a special interest in integrating his use of AEDP with other experiential therapies,especially ego state/parts work and EMDR. He enjoys sharing his clinical work and videos with other therapists learning this approach, bringing the work to life through a story of transformation and healing, not only of his patients, but also himself and others impacted by the process. Marc also has a passion for writing about his own AEDP experience and journey, and has a paper on therapeutic presence accepted in the AEDP Transformance Journal.

The major focus of Marc’s supervision is on helping his supervisees integrate themselves into the therapy process and developing therapeutic presence. He creates a safe container where they can take in his gentle holding, and in turn, can transfer this holding to themselves and their patients. In the process, they internalize the essence of AEDP, finding the healing capacity and humanness within all of us, while at the same time, cultivating their unique healing gifts and style of doing this work, becoming, as he likes to say, “the therapists we are meant to be.”