Maria Angelina, PhD

Maria Angelina, PhD, I am a clinical counselor with over 15 years counseling experience and am a certified AEDP therapist and supervisor. I work both in post-secondary and in private practice in Vancouver, B.C. My foray into the AEDP world started with my doctoral research which aimed to better understand the attachment processes within psychotherapy. Like many, I immediately found and continue to “find home” in AEDP as my therapeutic orientation. Within this modality, I have felt a deepening, a honing of skills, a grounding into self and other, a releasing into process, into relationship, a synchrony, all of which continue to feel infinitely meaningful and creative.
True to the nature of AEDP, I have been accompanied and transformed on this journey by a community of AEDPers, both colleagues and faculty, locally and internationally; who have walked alongside me, teaching, guiding, listening, gathering, holding space, being with and staying the course. Without a doubt, my personal, spiritual, and intellectual world has expanded exponentially and I can say with certainty, I am in every way a better person, partner, parent, and psychotherapist because of AEDP.  For all of this, I feel immense and heartfelt gratitude.
Since undertaking the immersion in AEDP several years ago, I have completed Essential Skills 1, Advanced Skills, Core Training, and have had been honored to assist at multiple AEDP courses, workshops, and trainings. Additionally, I have presented my AEDP clinical work and research at several psychotherapy conferences. I embrace the role of AEDP supervisor with desire, exuberance, gratitude, and humility; rooted in the knowledge that this intricate and nuanced undertaking will be forever one of continual growth, expansion, learning and connection.