Penelope Andrade, LCSW

Penelope Andrade, LCSW is an AEDP Certified Therapist and Supervisor and author of Emotional Medicine Rx: Cry when you’re sad, Stop when you’re done, Feel good fast with over 40 years of experience in San Diego, CA and on Zoom. Penelope found AEDP in 2010 and knew it would be her forever therapeutic home when she discovered how elegantly AEDP integrated her decades long commitment to body-mind-spirit-relational healing and mindfulness. Of the many aspects of AEDP she treasures: being with clients in the embodied present moment, undoing aloneness, trusting those continually arising self-righting impulses, allowing love to flourish relationally, and facilitating clients’ ever increasing self-love-confidence-clarity.

As AEDP can be tricky to master, Penelope enjoys helping new AEDP learners relax into discovering how their innate gifts as therapists thrive and develop in this organic, emergent model. Penelope knows, personally, she will never be done learning AEDP as it challenges her personally and professionally to grow in the most important aspects of consciousness, love and will. 

On the way to AEDP, Penelope studied other useful models including: Family Systems, Psychosynthesis, Biodynamic Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and ISTDP. Penelope is grateful for her major AEDP influences: Karen Pando Mars, Ron Frederick, Anne Cooper, Jeanne Newhouse, Kate Halliday, Ben Lipton, Eileen Russell, Sigal Bahat and the 16 session Research Group helmed by Diana Fosha and Richard Harrison.

Penelope has been active in AEDP Community building. She founded the SDAEDP group in 2011 and served on the AEDP Regional Development Committee & Diversity Committee. Penelope has assisted in many Immersions as well as ES I and II. Recent participation in the AEDP Research Group has been enormously fulfilling – witnessing our AEDP model work so effectively in just 16 sessions.