Yuval Moses, LCSW-R

Yuval Moses, LCSW-R, is a Registered Clinical Social Worker in NY and a certified AEDP therapist and Supervisor. Yuval’s psychotherapy practice is based in NYC and he provides remote supervision and trainings nationally and internationally. Before founding his private practice and training program Yuval worked predominantly in the non-for-profit world.

After years of working in the foster care field, Yuval became a clinical supervisor at the Crime Victims Treatment Center where he specialized in the treatment of adults experiencing Dissociative Disorders and Complex PTSD, especially as these presentations relate to childhood sexual abuse and other traumatic childhood experiences. It was during his work at the Crime Victims Treatment Center that he encountered AEDP and it very quickly became his therapeutic home.

Yuval is also comprehensively trained as a DBT therapist and supervisor and has built and supervised DBT teams in different clinics nationally. He is particularly interested in how AEDP and DBT, two seemingly contrasting therapeutic modalities, complement each other when working with clients with chronic higher risk behaviors and emotion dysregulation. Yuval earned his bachelor’s degree from Ben Gurion University and his MSW from NYU and he speaks and works in both Hebrew and English. Yuval is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at NYU’s MSW program where he teaches Human Behavior courses and a clinical elective about the role of emotions in psychotherapy.