Key Links & Handouts: Immersion | Diana Fosha, PhD and Guest Presenters | March 9-13, 2023

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Presented by Diana Fosha, PhD and Guest Presenters

Handouts Below (handouts and presentation slides may change and will be updated as received)

Meet your Presenter: here

Meet the Presenters: here

Schedule: here

AEDP: The Dyadic Repair of Attachment Trauma + Representational Schemas (pages 16-23) Used in AEDP (PLEASE PRINT): here


Day 1

Presentation by Diana Fosha, PhD

AEDP: Wired for Healing

1 slide per page, 233 pages: here

3 slides per page, 78 pages: here

Phenomenology Of The 4-State Transformational Process in AEDP: here

Day 2

Presentations by Diana Fosha, PhD

Attachment Relational Work

1 slide per page, 69 pages: here

1 slide per page, 23 pages: here

Metatherapeutic Processing & Core State

1 slide per page, 110 pages: here
3 slides per page, 37 pages: here

Day 3

Presentation by Diana Fosha, PhD

Emotion Processing & Other Core Affective Experiences

1 slide per page, 54 pages: here
3 slides per page, 18 pages: here

Articles: Mapping Emotions on the Body: here, Bodily Map of Emotions: here

The Use of Portrayals to Transform Trauma & Self in AEDP

1 slide per page, 27 pages: here 
3 slides per page, 9 pages: here 

The Representational Schemas of AEDP

1 slide per page, 20 pages: here
3 slides per page, 7 pages: here

State Specific Phenomenologies & State Specific Interventions

1 slide per page, 33 pages: here
3 slides per page, 11 pages: here

Presentation by Ben Medley, LSW

The Triangle of Social Experience

1 slide per page, 49 pages: here (updated 3/11/2023, 10 am, EST)

3 slides per page, 17 pages: here(updated 3/11/2023, 10 am, EST)

1 slide per page, 53 pages: here (updated 3/11/2023, 10 am, EST)

3 slides per page, 18 pages: here (updated 3/11/2023, 10 am, EST)

Presentation by James Santos, Level III AEDP Therapist

AEDP and Moment-to-Moment Tracking

1 slide per page, 10 slides: here

Day 4

Presentation by Peter Muhwati, CSW

Culture and Attachment in Zimbabwe: A Collectivist “Way of Being” and Clinical Implications

4 slides per page, 4 pages: here

Presentation by Judy Silvan, LICSW (MA), LCSW

AEDP with Sexual Trauma in C-PTSD

1 slide per page, 12 pages: here

Worksheet for Video Tape “Kay”: here

Notes on Video Presentation: here

Judy & Carrie-Full Manuscript: here

Experiential Exercises

Cheat Sheet for Experiential Exercises: here

Don’t Explain…EXPLORE: here

AEDP Steps: 4 basic steps to corresponding to 4 states:here

Roles for Experiential Exercises: here

Experiential Exercises (PLEASE PRINT): here

Experiential Exercises Timeline for 3: here

Experiential Exercises Timeline for 4: here

Day 5

Presentations by Diana Fosha, PhD

Core SELF, True Other, and I/Thou Relating

1 slide per page, 48 pages: here

3 slides per page, 16 pages: here

PAPERS for Attachment Work in AEDP:
Fosha (2003). Dyadic Regulation and Experiential Work with Emotion and Relatedness
in Trauma and Disorganized Attachment: here
Fosha (2006) Quantum Transformation in Trauma and Treatment: Traversing the Crisis
of Healing Change: here
Fosha (2009). Healing Attachment Trauma with Attachment (and then some!), Diana
Fosha, PhD: here
Lipton & Fosha (2011). Attachment as a Transformative Process in AEDP:
Operationalizing the Intersection of Attachment Theory and Affective Neuroscience,
Benjamin Lipton, LCSW & Diana Fosha, PhD: here
Fosha (2017) Something More than “Something More than Interpretation”, Diana
Fosha, PhD: here
Prenn (2011) Mind the Gap: AEDP Interventions Translating Attachment Theory Into
Clinical Practice,: here
Some References for AEDP Work with Attachment: here

Microaggressions: Spotting them and repairing them here
Based on Kenneth Hardy’s presentation at Marin CAMFT October 23, 2021 as summarized by Karen
Pando Mars and amended by Jacqueline Lynch and Kate Halliday.

AEDP Psychotherapy: An Evidence-Supported Practice: here