Objectives: ASM | Kari Gleiser, PhD | Navigating AEDP’s Experiential-Attachment Work in the Context of Trauma, Dissociation and Multiplicity

  • Apply AEDP key elements to foster the healing of trauma, and the integration of dissociative parts.
  • Recognize signs of Dissociative Identity Disorder and adapt AEDP interventions to work with this diagnosis.
  • Demonstrate competency in working with the intra-relational triangle to craft relational clinical interventions.
  • Identify and mitigate risks in applying AEDP to complex trauma and dissociative disorders.
  • Demonstrate explicit use of relational interventions with different parts of the self of the patient.
  • Formulate intra-relational interventions for building secure internal attachment.
  • Develop connection that instills safety and containment and forges secure attachment with patients who have never been securely attached to anyone.
  • Relate how to navigate deep emotional processing with patients who have tendency to fall into traumatic flashbacks.