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Participant Agreement: AEDP Advanced Skills Modular Course Online with presenter Karen Pando-Mars, MFT November 2022

To attend this program, you must agree to the following important terms. If you do not agree to these terms, or you have any questions about them, please do not complete this form and instead contact The AEDP Institute (“AEDPI”) immediately at

By completing and submitting this form you agree to all the terms. 

  • Your Participant Agreement for AEDP Advanced Skills Modular Course Online presented by Karen Pando-Mars, MFT November 2022

  • The Content in this program – in other words, all of the information, in any form, that is within or accompanies this program – includes training in the theory and practice of AEDP, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, as promoted and supported by AEDPI. The Content includes the intellectual property of AEDPI and/or the presenter(s). The Content may also include excerpts from or descriptions of actual clinical therapy sessions with patients or descriptions of their treatment. These patients and their therapists have graciously and generously consented to share their experiences with you for educational purposes as part of this program.
  • In return for access to this Content, as a professional, you have three important duties: Confidentiality, Respect and Personal Responsibility.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: BY COMPLETING THIS FORM YOU ARE AGREEING TO KEEP THE CONTENT CONFIDENTIAL. You may engage with the Content only for training purposes. Do not disclose the Content to others. You may take notes for your own educational use while you attend this program, but otherwise, DO NOT RECORD ANY PART OF THE CONTENT IN ANY FORM. DO NOT SHARE ANY PART OF THE CONTENT.
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  • RESPECT: As professionals, we share an ethic of respect for our patients and for each other. Please respect the patients who have allowed their therapists to share this Content and respect their decision to reveal themselves to professionals in training, like you -- people they do not know -- so those professionals can learn how to help other patients more effectively.
  • THEREFORE, IF YOU KNOW THE PATIENT WHOSE THERAPY SESSION IS BEING PRESENTED, REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE TRAINING WHILE THEIR THERAPY IS SHOWN AND DISCUSSED. (The presenter will tell you if any exception can be made to this rule; but in every other event, exit the program and contact AEDPI to discuss whether a partial refund may be appropriate.)
  • Even beyond any other legal obligation of confidentiality, you agree to treat this Content the same way you would treat the experiences and records of your own patients. For example, DO NOT VIEW THIS CONTENT IN A PUBLIC PLACE, OR IN A WAY THAT WOULD ALLOW OTHERS TO SEE OR OVERHEAR IT. Do not share any information about the patients depicted in the Content in any way that might lead to someone identifying these patients.
  • Professionals also respect the work of their colleagues. Therefore, you are agreeing not to infringe the intellectual property contained in and constituted by this Content (including but not limited to copies of any presentations or handouts). Again, DO NOT COPY THE CONTENT OR SHARE OR DISTRIBUTE IT IN ANY WAY.
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  • PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. You are also agreeing to respect the spirit in which your fellow professionals are offering the Content. Psychotherapy is not an exact science, and patient responses and outcomes will always vary based on the individual and many other factors. Indeed, AEDP training and AEDPI programs by nature frequently involve trial-and-error, experimentation and learning from mistakes. Therefore, you are agreeing that you understand that the practices and techniques discussed in the Content do not guarantee any particular patient outcome, and that AEDPI and its advisors, faculty, experiential assistants, trainers and staff as well as your fellow participants in this program (collectively, “the Institute”) are accepting no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any actions, omissions, injuries or damages by, to or of you or any third party. In addition, you agree that the Content is provided for general education and exemplary reasons only, and that neither AEDPI nor any other individual or entity within the Institute is: providing you with therapy or professional advice of any kind; owes you or your patients any expert, professional, heightened, special or fiduciary duty of any kind; or is responsible for the statements or misstatements of others, intentional or otherwise.
  • You understand that you will be held fully responsible for your own professional activities and patient care and for any violations of this agreement, as well for as any and all consequences, damages, losses, costs or claims (including reasonable legal fees) resulting (in whole or in part) from such activities or violations (“Costs”). You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless AEDPI and the rest of the Institute from and against all Costs. Other consequences for your violation of this agreement are wholly within the discretion of AEDPI and may include: dismissal from the program for which you are registering or some other program/workshop/training group or individual and small group consultation/ supervision session; notification to your licensing board or professional organization(s); loss of your certification or continuing education credits; suspension or withdrawal of any AEDPI certification; and legal action. You also hereby consent to be subject to laws of the State of New York and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts venued therein.
  • Schedule: AEDP Institute reserves the right to postpone, cancel or otherwise change any activity schedule prior to its beginning. At no time is AEDP Institute responsible for participants’ travel, lodging, or incidental expenses. AEDP Institute reserves the right to substitute presenters, staff, assistants whenever necessary and without obligation to participants
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  • Professional Code of Conduct
  • Part 1: Sharing without judgement or shaming: The AEDP Institute expects members/participants in all Institute activities including trainings, courses and workshops, to hold the uniqueness of fellow community members in a global context, with an understanding of self and others that includes, though is not limited to, complex social and cultural contexts. It is both our hope and expectation that during an AEDP Institute training, you will share parts of yourself without judging or shaming others and that this very action will create space for others to do the same.
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  • Part 2: Harassment-free environment: The AEDP Institute requires that anyone who presents, participates in, observes, or otherwise attends an AEDP Institute event agrees to participate in maintaining a harassment-free environment for all. Harassment includes interactions that exceed appropriate professional boundaries, including but not limited to: Shaming or hostile verbal or written comments / other similar behavior including sustained racially charged or other types of microaggressions. Deliberate intimidation or stalking. Any sustained interruption of an event that does not support its stated purpose, agenda/ curriculum. Unwanted or uninvited photography or recording Betraying the confidentiality agreements specific to the activity or context (see part 4 below). Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behavior.
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  • Part 3: AEDP Institute classrooms are spaces dedicated to teaching and learning the AEDP model. The AEDP model is complex. Institute courses are clinically oriented, content heavy and technical. Unless expressly communicated to participants in advance, AEDP trainings do not include the opportunity to interweave discussions of participant perspectives outside the training agenda. Participants agree to accept the direction of Institute presenters, staff and assistants in order to maintain the focus of conversation on the stated agenda, curriculum and guidelines.
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  • Part 4: Caring for self and others: If there is any situation or circumstance during an event - course content, participant or presenter comment, personal or professional situation, or other - that causes you distress and impacts your ability to stay present, focused and respectful of this code of conduct please follow these steps: Take a 15 minute, no judgement, no consequences break, either by exiting completely, or by shutting off your video and/or sound. Breathe, move, lie down, go outside, eat or drink - do what you need to take care of yourself. Out of respect and professional courtesy for fellow participants, we ask that you consider not immediately reaching out to them to allow them to stay focused on the presentation. When you return, if you would like to process your experience, please contact the meeting facilitator and let them know you would like to meet with a Lead Assistant in a private breakout room immediately, or during a break, or at the end of the day. Please allow time for this to be arranged. If you want the AEDP Institute to become aware of your experience and/or concerns or circumstance during the training, please send an email to or send an anonymous note here. Medical Disclaimer: AEDP trainings are not a substitute for mental health care services. AEDP Institute presenters, staff, and course assistants cannot be expected to provide assistance should you experience a mental health crisis, or other emergency during an AEDP training. If you are in crisis, please contact your local emergency services (for example, 911), or go to the nearest emergency room or contact your health or mental health provider.
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  • Part 5: Confidentiality: All AEDP Institute program components, including those that are experiential in nature, are for the purpose of teaching clinicians to put the AEDP model into practice. These are not psychotherapy sessions. The AEDP Institute expects all participants to maintain confidentiality around information that comes up during experiential exercise “role-plays” as long as disclosures (1) do not compromise anyone’s safety, health or well-being, and/or (2) do not compel that the disclosed information be reported to appropriate law enforcement or regulatory authorities. Information shared publicly in the classroom is not privileged communication as it might be during therapy sessions. Nevertheless, we ask all participants to keep confidential the communications made in the training, especially personal content and self-disclosures. The various professional and licensing organizations, as well as states, provinces, and other governmental jurisdictions, may have different policies regarding confidentiality for counselors, therapists, and other professionals; participants are responsible for knowing their particular and applicable governing policies, and for adhering to their professional standards for confidentiality if they are more stringent than AEDP Institute’s requirements.
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  • Part 6: No Right to Continued Participation: The AEDP Institute reserves the right to withdraw a participant from all or part of an Institute sponsored activity without the possibility of a refund and/or pursue legal remedies if at any time an Institute representative including presenter, lead assistant, facilitator or other staff member, in their sole discretion, determine that a participant fails to abide by this Professional Code of Conduct.
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  • Please Provide a Phone Number where we can reach you, ideally by text, during the course should there be a technical problem we need to help you. We will not share this number or call you for marketing or other purposes.
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