AEDP™ Institute’s Pay-What-You-Wish Program for Self-Identified Black Mental Health Professionals

On July 1, 2020, AEDP™ Institute launched a pilot program offering all Institute-sponsored online trainings on a Pay-What-You-Wish basis to self-identified Black mental health professionals.The program has been extended through December 2023.

‘Pay-What-You-Wish’ participants can choose to attend courses for free or set an amount that they feel comfortable paying.

If you self-identify as Black and you wish to take advantage of this program, you can choose one of the following:

  1. If you have found a training that you want to join, email with your name and the name of online training, along with the amount (if any) that you wish to pay. We will get you registered. Note that if a course is currently listed as sold out, we may be able to make room for you – please ask.
  2. Haven’t found a specific training that works for you? Be sure to join our mailing list – we announce new trainings all the time.

AEDP Institute invites program participants to voluntarily share their experiences and feedback by contacting or emailing the DBEI Committee at