Registration and Confidentiality Agreement for: Implicit Bias – Cleansing Our Lenses.

An AEDP™ Institute-Sponsored Workshop Presented by Isis Bey, LCSW, CCTP II, Therapist.

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Workshop participants have two important duties: Confidentiality and Respect.

CONFIDENTIALITY: By participating in this workshop, you are agreeing to keep the content confidential. Do not record the workshop or share any workshop content without appropriate written permission. To that end, or for related questions, please contact

RESPECT: As participants in AEDP Institute community events, we share an ethic of respect. Even beyond any other legal obligation of confidentiality, you agree to treat this experience and the content being shared with respect. For example, do not view or otherwise participate in the workshop in a public place, or in some other way that would allow others to see or hear it or allow others to disrupt the workshop. If patient information is shared in the written or video content, or in discussion among participants, do not share that information.

And do not infringe on the intellectual property contained in this workshop. For example, do not record any aspect of the workshop in any way – audio or video. Do not copy the handouts or share or distribute them in any way without appropriate written permission. 

In no event will the Institute or any person or entity within the Institute or presenting on behalf of the Institute or otherwise depicted in this workshop be liable in contract, in tort (including for its own negligence) or under any other legal theory for any damages, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, consequential, or similar damages, lost profits or revenues, loss of use or similar economic loss, arising out of the use of, content in, or inability to use the content included in this workshop in which you are participating.

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