The AEDP™ Vision Collective’s Racialized Trauma and Spirituality in AEDP Exploratory Group presents at the AAAC Conference Fall 2023


On this webpage you will find the handouts from our conference presentation as well as more information about our work with AEDP Psychotherapy and Spirituality.

The AEDP Vision Collective, launched in Fall 2021, envisions creating an ongoing, diverse cohort of people who are passionate about working together to develop initiatives and innovative approaches to addressing topics related to AEDP & Healing Racialized Trauma.

The Racialized Trauma and Spirituality in AEDP Exploratory Group, led by members of the AEDP Vision Collective, explores the intersection of spirituality and AEDP psychotherapy and aspires to develop tools that leverage the power found at this meeting point to mitigate the suffering of racialized trauma.

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Download the presentations, charts, checklists and references from the conference below:

  1. AACC Know Hope Conference 2023 Keynote Presentation Slides without Video
  2. AACC 4-State Model Video Transcript pdf
  3. Applying AEDP™ Psychotherapy to Cultivate Access to the Spiritual Core of BIPOC Clients & Facilitate Recovery from Racialized Trauma. Presentation by Heloise Ridley MBA, MA, LPC, NCC
  4. AACC Know Hope Conference Presentation References
  5. AEDP™ Psychotherapy: The Phenomenology of the Transformational Process
  6. Checklist for AEDP™ Psychotherapy State 3 Phenomenology