Transformance Talk 9: Using Experiential Dynamic Therapy with Addicted People

Transformance Talk based on an article of the same title from AEDP’s Journal Transformance: Volume 8

Presented by Transformance Journal author Mark Green, MD

This is a recording of a live event held on January 30, 2019

The Talk: Addiction has been conceptualized as a disorder that hijacks the person and is best treated by cognitive or behavioral intervention. It is better conceptualized as a disorder of emotion and attachment which responds well to therapies that build emotional literacy and capacity for connection. Experiential Dynamic Therapies (EDP), including Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), do just this and require minor modification for working with addictions. This article has three aims: (1) to examine the reasons why therapists have shied away from working with addictions, (2) to describe a model of experiential treatment that draws on the evidence base and contemporary theories of addictions and psychotherapy effectiveness, including neurobiology, and (3) to encourage experiential therapists to accompany these clients as they change their lives. … (Read more here)


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Meet the Presenter

Mark Green, MD lives and works in in Belmont, MA. He is board certified in both General Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry. Dr. Green founded Psych Garden which provides transformative treatment for people with complex problems, including addictions and severe dual disorders. He is trained in many psychotherapy modalities including AEDP (currently Level 3). Dr. Green obtained an undergraduate degree in neurobiology, and then his medical degree, at University College London (UK). He completed his Psychiatry residency and Addictions fellowship in NYC (Payne Whitney Clinic, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical Center), and later conducted research in the neurobiology of addictions at Rockefeller University. He has held faculty positions at Cornell (Asst. Prof), Vermont (Asst. Prof), and Harvard (Instructor) Medical Schools and lectured nationally on many aspects of addictions, including the use of Harm Reduction and experiential therapies and Neurobiology.