Editor’s Letter

By Gil Tunnell, PhD

After months of finding my “sea legs” as the new editor of Transformance: The AEDP Journal, I am very excited to launch Volume 5.  I thank the inaugural editors of Transformance, Natasha Prenn and Kari Gleiser, for their vision and enthusiasm in beginning this new venture, their creativity in soliciting manuscripts, their diligence in editing and producing the first four volumes, and their help in getting me up to speed. 
I also want to thank Carrie Ruggeri for leading and facilitating AEDP listserv discussions of previous articles, and I trust she will continue to provide a platform for discussing these and future articles.  Finally, I thank the founder of AEDP, Diana Fosha, for her confidence in naming me editor.

Gil Tunnell

Volume 5, Issue 1 is devoted entirely to applying AEDP to couple therapy, a topic near and dear to me.   The first two articles by David Mars and David Greenan describe how they have expanded AEDP beyond an individual model of treatment and, in David Mars’ case, beyond the consultation room and into a healing community.  The third article describes how I’ve integrated AEDP into my work with couples.   Benjamin Lipton provides an in-depth introduction to this issue, with an insightful, succinct synopsis comparing the three approaches.

Future issues will include three articles that integrate other treatment modalities with AEDP:  Hilary Jacobs Hendel is writing on the use of touch in AEDP; Judy Silvan on integrating bioenergetics into AEDP; Jonathan Peretz on how he incorporated AEDP into a very brief five-session treatment.  David Mars will write on his community healing model for couples.   There will be two separate articles on working with pathogenic affects by Denise Clay, and Senior Faculty member Jerry Lamagna (using his intra-relational AEDP model).

Finally, as AEDP is now rapidly expanding around the world, articles are planned on what happens when AEDP is introduced in other cultures:  What remains constant when we leave the United States, and what adaptations, if any, are made as cultural differences are taken into account?

As the new editor, I welcome full-length submissions to the journal (please see submission guidelines and APA-style requirements on this web page), as well as shorter articles, poems and book reviews.  Feel free to contact me at giltunnell@verizon.net to discuss your ideas about contributing to the journal.