Transformance Journal: Volume 3

Receiving Loving Gratitude

How a Therapist’s Mindful Embrace of a Patient’s Gratitude Facilitates Transformance

By Yuko Hanakawa

When a patient earnestly expresses gratitude towards the therapist for the transformational therapeutic work, it oddly shakes up the therapist. The author argues that this may be because positive emotions are traditionally neglected both in the English speaking culture and the field of psychology. (Read More…)

The Work of AEDP

Repair, Growth, & Celebration

By Jennifer L. Imming

Repair is an essential ingredient in the patient/therapist dyad, since ruptures are a naturally occurring part of all relationships.  Through the process of repair, patients can heal within the context of therapy, in addition to extending this healing throughout other relationships in their lives, both past and present.  (Read More…)

Laura Hillenbrand: Author as True Other

Inspiring Quantum Resilience

By Carrie Ruggieri

“Steeled for the worst, we encounter the best. It is not only that some are strong at the broken places; it is also that, through trauma, others become strong, and discover they’re strong in ways they never knew. For sometimes trauma awakens extraordinary capacities that otherwise would lie dormant, unknown and untapped. Without the trauma, they would never see the light of day.” (Diana Fosha, 2001). (Read More…)